Payments (Reseller)

What are the gift codes?

Gift codes are free codes to get free activations. Instead of paying real money you can use the gift code to activate the app.
You can get gift codes using two methods:

  • For every 10 activations of the same type made by your device the system will generate 3 free gift codes that can be used to activate the app for any other devices.
  • You can purchase Gift Codes using the app. It is similar to purchase normal activations, but you need to choose [Package]
  • Important: activation made by purchased codes (reseller package) do not generate the free gift codes. Why? because the purchase is already 30% discounted

Do you send gift codes by emails?

No. we don't send gift codes by email. Gift codes will be generated automatically in your panel at

How to get my gift codes?

  • First, and the most important step is that you need to login using the ID and Key of the device you are using for payments
  • Login to using the ID/Key of the device you are using for payments
  • Open [Gift Codes] and collect the codes. These codes can be used to activate any device
  • Please note that: each gift code can be used only once, so keep it secret

How to use the gift codes?

You can use gift codes to activate devices through the app or through the website
Using gift godes through the app

  • Through tha app, the process is simillar to normal activation process
  • Use the app to open the usual renewal form
  • Instead of selecting an activation type, enter the gift code and choose [use gift code]
Using gift godes through the website
  • Login to using the ID and key of the device you are using for payments
  • Click [Gift Codes] on the top menu
  • View your gift codes. The gift codes marked with green color means it is not used yet and you can use it to activate a device
  • Pick one of these codes and then click [Activate Device]
  • Enter the device ID/Key you want to activate then enter the Gift Code and press Activate

Can I get the 3 free gift codes on activations done by gift codes?

No, activations done by free gift codes or by the gift codes purchased from the store don't count on the 10 activations. The purchase from the store is already discounted by 30%.